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A Botswana safari offers multiple experiences including those unique to our region.

From watching elephants cross the Chobe River to gliding on fresh flood waters over the Delta floodplains to meeting the people of the area there are many ways to see and experience Botswana. With a community of camps across Northern Botswana, The Pack offers a variety of immersive once-in-a-lifetime experiences for our guests.

Experiences at a Glance
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Game Drives

Game drives conducted by trained professional guides allow you to explore further afield. Dedicated guides know the areas you are exploring and open the landscape for you by sharing their knowledge and interpreting the wild to increase your chances of seeing something spectacular.

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Night Drives

An after-dark adventure using a spotlight offers a chance to catch nocturnal wildlife in action. Unseen during the day most of these animals are only seen after dark, and the lesser-seen animals that are a challenge to find are very rewarding when found. Spending time out on a drive after dark also offers the chance to enjoy the night sky and bush calls.

Mokoro Cruise

Gliding over the Okavango waters in a mokoro canoe is a quintessential Botswana experience. The peaceful quiet experienced on this traditional mode of transport combined with a slow speed allows you to see the little details surrounding you and offers a very different perspective on the wild.

Mokoros are poled by specialist poling guides who have grown up on the waters of the Okavango. From the back of the mokoro, they push their mokoro along with a nkashi (long poling stick). The modern mekoro are made from fibreglass to minimise tree loss but are moulded in the traditional shape.

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Boat Cruise

The Chobe River is known for its elephant herds and watching the herds rush down to the water from a boat is a wonderful sight. Boating along the river offers a different perspective of wildlife and allows you to get closer to riverine creatures and birdlife. Morning boat cruises offer a quieter river and the chance to watch predators drinking along the river whilst afternoon cruises offer great game viewing combined with spectacular sunsets from the water.

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Cultural Exchanges

The opportunity to interact with the local community living surrounded by wildlife offers an educational contrast to a safari experience. Taking time to meet the people living in the area and to hear from them how they protect their livelihoods from the same wildlife you are on safari to see opens you to a deeper understanding of the country. Traditional dancing, crafting and building skills are also shared for an appreciation of the cultural richness of Botswana.

Bush Walks

Getting into the bush on your feet offers both the thrill of encountering wildlife on foot and the opportunity to slow down and look for the little things. When on foot and away from the motor of a vehicle you have the chance to hear alarm calls, identify spoor and track wildlife and observe the small animals that you would normally overlook.


Botswana offers great opportunities for bird watching and with varied landscapes there are many different birds to see from water birds to grassland species. The variety of birds includes those that are spectacularly coloured, migratory and/or special and rare species. Whether a dedicated birder or someone appreciating the bright and big ones you will find watching the local birdlife to be enjoyable.

Agri-tourism Tour

The Pandametenga farms are an important source of Botswana’s food supply. These vast tracts of land are surrounded by wildlife and sit alongside an important elephant corridor. Taking a tour of these expansive farms and understanding how farmers grow in these arid and challenging conditions is a fascinating juxtaposition to the usual safari.


Botswana is a photographer’s paradise. We are not photographic specialists but great opportunities for taking spectacular photographs abound. Whether from a boat on the Chobe, a game viewer on a private concession or at a waterhole.

Scenic Flights

The Okavango Delta is a spectacle when viewed from the air. Often your air transfers offer this viewpoint but for a dedicated flying safari both fixed-wing and helicopter scenic flights are available and offer a low-level flight over inaccessible regions of the Delta and the chance to see this dramatic landscape and its wildlife from a different angle.

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Victoria Falls Day Trip

The spectacle of Victoria Falls is an easy day trip away from Botswana. This fun-filled day starts with a transfer to the nearby border where you change your vehicle and continue into Zimbabwe with an hour’s drive through a national park before reaching the town of Victoria Falls. Your day is spent exploring the falls, the town and its craft markets, taking on one of the many adrenaline activities and enjoying lunch at one of the fabulous restaurants in town before returning to Botswana at the end of the day.

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Fishing the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers is an exciting sport. Whether catching local bream or fighting Tigerfish fishing these waters from a boat offers excitement and a fun contrast to safari activities.

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Experiences at a Glance

Experience Camp Khwai Jackalberry Chobe Mogogelo Camp Xaoo Safari Camp Wildtrack Safaris Eco Lodge Chase Africa Safaris
Game Drive X X X X X X
Night Drive X X X X X*
Mokoro Cruise X X X
Boat Cruise X X* X*
Cultural Exchanges X X X
Bush Walks X X
Birding X X X X X X
Agri-tourism Tour X
Photography X X X X X X
Scenic Flights X X X
Victoris Falls Day Trip X X
Fishing X