The Pack was born out of a need to change the perception of Botswana as an expensive destination with only high-end options. We know that there are great owner-run camps and lodges in Botswana, but they were being overlooked due to their small market share and limited marketing.

To address this, The Pack was formed as a collaborative effort to work together under one marketing banner while retaining individual profiles and brands and preserving each owner’s personality and connections. By working together and utilizing economies of scale, we can have a larger footprint in the market and collectively work towards promoting Botswana’s independent and authentic camps.

As a safari expert, you can benefit from our guaranteed service standards, readily available and clear rates, extensive product knowledge, and reliable and timely responses.

Incorporated in 2022, The Pack community was officially launched and introduced to the trade at Africa’s Travel Indaba in May 2023. As a travel expert, you can now offer your clients a range of mid-range options in Botswana that prioritize local and cultural experiences, offer independent schedules and camp styles, and support small businesses for a truly meaningful stay.

Join us in changing the perception of Botswana and promoting its unique owner-run properties.

Our Founders

Tessa and Tara, who met while working together marketing the mid-range market in Botswana, share a common passion for showcasing the stories of authentic properties in Botswana.

With a combined 35+ years of experience in travel and tourism, their complementary skills and knowledge – ranging from reservations, marketing and sales, to camp operations and service standards – position them well to provide independent guidance to pack members while effectively translating their offerings to the trade.

By supporting The Pack, you’re supporting a Botswana-based and registered business that is working towards elevating the stories of independent camps and lodges. Join us in promoting local and cultural experiences, independent schedules and camp styles, and supporting small businesses for a truly meaningful stay in Botswana.